Lindgren (ex_mikelind) wrote in atlmetal,

Bassist Available for Hard Rock

Bassist available for any projects involving Hard Rock, Punk, Metal, Hardcore, etc. I am in the Woodstock/Roswell area. I am 24, have a 350 watt head, an 8x10 cab, a rack full of treats, and three nice axes. I am available on weekends and weeknights. Looking for people interested in making some music, and having a good time. If your goal is to make big bucks, then you've already failed, I'm looking to rock out with some dudes and chug a beer or two on the way. Hit me up! I am easy-going, laid-back, and attitude free dude. I will be more than willing to accept positive criticism, and work as a team-player. I would prefer to play metal, but I am open to just about anything, as long as the group is fun-loving and nice. No Christians!
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